First time sellers, and even experienced sellers, typically have questions regarding a potential transaction with Viking Minerals. Below we’ve provided a list of the some of the most common questions we receive.

If I agree to sell, how long does it take to close?

It typically takes no more than 30 days to close a transaction once terms have been agreed upon.

If I don’t want to sell 100% of my interest, is it possible to just sell a portion?

Yes. Many people elect to sell only 25% or 50% of their interest.

Won’t the IRS take half of my proceeds? If not half, how much?

No. If you’ve owned your property for over one year, you are subject to capital gains treatment: a one-time payment of 20%. You are taxed between 30-40% on your regular, ordinary income.

Why do you need my check stubs?

Check stubs are required for title review and due diligence. It allows us to double check decimal interests, verify payment amounts, etc. We can make sure our information is correct and that your offer is correct.

If I sell this property, can I do a 1031 like-kind exchange and avoid taxation?

Yes. We have helped sellers complete their like-kind exchanges and will accommodate any reasonable request in that process.

I don’t know what I own. Where do I start?

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